Visited 5 popular cities in 9 days


We arrived there a bit early, we took our breakfast at the back of the Zwinger, in front of a lake with colorful beautiful ducks.
Then we went inside the Zwinger itself and watched the beauty of the place and its garden, it's a great monument that worths a visit, there also we tried the ZwingerXperience which was an animated show that recites the history of the places, and I highly recommend it.


Our arrival to Prague was a bit late at night, we checked in first in our Airbnb, and went out at around 1 AM to some bars there where they were full of good vibes and friendly people.


Without any doubt, I just say that Berlin was the best city during our trip, it was my first time there, and I loved it so much. First, Berlin has everything: amazing monuments, history, views, food, and a totally different lifestyle.




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